Lucy is a furniture designer based in East London currently designing for Capdell, Decode, Joined+Jointed, Molinari, Offecct, SCP, and The Conran Shop

“Molinari are expert leather workers. I wanted to celebrate this by drawing parallels with recognised leather objects.

I’ve been studying traditional sports equipment like basketballs and boxing gloves which radiate durability and craftsmanship. In particular I became fixated on punch bags.

There’s something about the shape and proportion that feels very human in scale and it got me thinking about the way some boxers grab the bag between blows. In the design I’ve taken the cylindrical shape of the punch bag and curled it up, holding it in place between the two front legs of the chair.

The legs compress into the upholstery to emphasise the soft structure inviting the user to wrap their arms around it as boxers do.

We have chosen a very thick, natural vegetable tan leather to echo the heavy duty quality of the historic punch bag.”

A design that reinterprets the sofa typology. It is inspired by the simplicity of the hammock, the possibilities of strong industrial fabrics and the tactile elegance of high fashion.

Kurrein felt that a modern sofa is often expected to contain strong lines and a firmness that goes against what fabrics naturally do, which is to move, crease, fold and bend.

By working with a sewing machine and scale models only, she has created a design that works with the natural behaviour of fabric, rather than against it.

The design has a solid oak frame, a sprung drop seat and cylindrical oak legs, which extend upwards to the height of the back and become the frame supports. Placed over the supports is a pure cotton canvas, creating a sling for the densely filled duck feather seat and back cushions.

The sofa has an unfamiliar visual language, is exceptionally comfortable and very easy to clean.

Lucy Kurrein has created a boundary pushing sofa, one which befits her inquisitive, single-minded approach to design.